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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Mover Machine

Humans are a funny lot. When they want to go somewhere, they climb into strange metal machines, strap themselves in and zoom off.

I like to go out in the mover machine with mom. I usually have to sit in the back seat. Mom says it's because my jumping on her lap and licking her nose, is not conducive to safe driving. Go figure!

The back seat isn't so bad. I get to run from window to window, to bark at the other mover machines. Sometimes I see other dogs sitting in their mover machines, and we bark at each other! That's when mom will tell me in a rather loud stern voice, to SIT DOWN. It kind of startles me, 'cause she rarely yells at the cute dog.

I heard mom and dad talking the other night about buying a "seat belt for the dog". I think that is a restraining device they will use to strap me into the mover machine. How the heck am I going to run from window to window to talk to everyone I see?

No mom - please - not the SEAT BELT - I'll sit down - honest!


Les... said...

mover machines are fun, I like to hang my head out the window to woof at everything and anything, especially other doggies!


Muffie said...

Your Mom just wants you to be safe. You are way too precious to go flying through a glass window.